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"She is icircuit and incomplete, call you and let us know what she said". The young lady said while looking around. Everyone present listened raptly but could hardly organize the meaning in her sentence. Her sister looked at me and continued, this morning, she gestured ahead as if to beckon on someone but there was… Continue reading Gradually


Indulge it

How interesting to be single again on February 14th, meanwhile does it matter? What is special about February 14th, probably because so much is emphasized about table for 2, or some idea of coupling. You may have observed that there are so many events put together to mark the date, from Social to Religious activities… Continue reading Indulge it

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Love and Purity

It's another love day or so they call it, a day where people celebrate love and mark it with a tone of red. Love is a beautiful thing, I know it, I believe it with every blink of my eye. It's very demanding too, it demands patience, humility and forgiveness to mention a few. The… Continue reading Love and Purity

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Solve it

Don't escape, stay in there and solve it, the bliss you are looking for may not be in the next relationship, it could be in this one if you can manage your conflicts effectively. Imagine the teeth and tongue switching mouths each time they bumped into each other. Find healthier ways to disagree, choose silence… Continue reading Solve it

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Just Once

About 14 months ago, I walked along the paths of the Institution I attended at that time with two people, they actually walked few steps ahead of me. It was intended to be a journey of three but as the two of them were more of colleagues and allies than myself, it became a journey… Continue reading Just Once

Christian Faith, Fiction, Love, Mental Health

Wetin be this skill sef🤔?

Bosun could not hide his excitement, he kept smiling to himself to Ahmed's inquisition, tell me what's up Bro, Ahmed asked for the second time, has Bolu said ... My guy you won't understand, Bosun cut him short, Bolu said nothing, in fact there is no Bolu, not at all. I don't get guy, Ahmed… Continue reading Wetin be this skill sef🤔?