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DMI. What is it? Could it be a smartphone like HTC or a new fad on social media? While we seek to crack the nut, let us consider these questions: If your friend complains of a lump in the breast, what will you suggest? If another complains of a nagging headache, what will be your… Continue reading DMI

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Relapse is one word, backsliding is another, both points to similar events in different contexts. It implies returning again to doing or behaving in a way or pattern that one was involved  in before, or turning away from known values after a considerable time. It could occur in different situations and any person who is… Continue reading Relapse

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Eating Healthy

(Tim and Tina are walking down Tech. Road, University of Ibadan. Candidates for the Post-UTME [Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations] are milling around.) TIM: Tina, what's up? TINA: The sky, of course. Really, I am feeling sort of dizzy. My friends also said that I look pale. TIM: (Frowns) That's true o. You look pale. Are… Continue reading Eating Healthy

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Using Your Gift(s)

(Tim and Tina are seated at the Gossip Arena, Faculty Annex, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan). TIM: Hi Tina! How are you doing? TINA: I am doing great. It's just that I have been feeling envious and foolish. TIM: Why? Foolish? Envious? TINA: (Frowns) You know,one of my friends won a scholarship to Cyprus.… Continue reading Using Your Gift(s)

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Auntie Mimi

Dear Auntie Mimi, I am grateful that I could finally do this, it took so much effort to gather my thoughts and present this note to you in a readable form, I thank God for that. The last time we met was three months ago and before then, it was two years ago, save for… Continue reading Auntie Mimi

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Some moms have never said this word to their daughters even in the local dialect, it's like they believe that the child will just navigate through it or maybe discover it in class discussion or on the pages of books. How about some fathers? they believe the mother talked about it. And about the child?… Continue reading Pub